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Tampa Bay Charters

Embark on unparalleled fishing adventures in the breathtaking waters of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico with Skyway Seafaris. Led by Captain Russell Newman, a seasoned angler with roots in South Africa and expertise honed in Australia, our charters promise a unique blend of excitement and skill. Beyond fishing, we offer captivating tours, unforgettable sunset experiences, and kayak rentals for those seeking a different perspective on the stunning Tampa Bay.

Join us for an all-encompassing maritime journey, where every moment is tailored to the thrill-seeker and nature enthusiast alike.

Meet Russell Newman

Charter Captain of Skyway Seafaris

Born on the East coast of South Africa, Russell Newman's affinity for the sea and passion for angling coursed through his veins from an early age. Growing up amidst the rugged coastline, he honed his skills navigating the tempestuous waters, mastering the art of reeling in colossal catches. Russell's quest for fishing prowess led him to the vast waters of Australia, where he immersed himself in diverse fishing techniques, learning the secrets of landing the big game. Now anchored 7+ years in Tampa Bay, Russell brings his wealth of knowledge to you through Skyway Seafaris. Prepare for an unparalleled adventure on the open waters, as Russell invites you to partake in a once-in-a-lifetime journey, promising an unforgettable fishing escapade. Welcome aboard Skyway Seafaris, where unforgettable moments are etched in the thrill of the sea.

Tampa Bay Skyway Seafaris Charter Options


Private Fishing Charters

Discover the pinnacle of fishing excitement with Skyway Seafaris' charter options! Whether you opt for a half day or indulge in the full day adventure, our experienced Captain Russell Newman will guide you to the most coveted inshore and nearshore hotspo2 Columnts in Tampa Bay. Prepare to reel in the trophy-sized catches while soaking in the sun and sea breeze. Our charters guarantee an unforgettable, action-packed day on the water, ensuring you create lasting memories with the thrill of top-notch angling expertise


Scenic Tampa Bay Tours

Embark on a captivating journey with Skyway Seafaris' Scenic Bay Tours. Discover the iconic Skyway Bridge from unique angles, encounter Florida's wildlife – from playful dolphins to gentle manatees and a myriad of birds. Our tours are customizable, allowing you to focus on your preferences, whether it's exploring real estate, savoring a stunning west coast sunset, or immersing yourself in the beauty of Tampa Bay's natural wonders. Join us for a tailor-made experience that promises awe-inspiring moments at every turn.


Boat Handling/Driving Course for Beginners

With his experience as Boat Handling & Safety instructor in Australia working for Australian Boating College, Captain Russell enjoys teaching future boaters new skills such as Maneuvering in tight situations, approaching a dock with strong tides & wind, tying up the boat, basic navigation, and the art of anchoring.


1-on-1 Florida Fishing Lessons

If you want to make the most of your time on the water, it could take years to master your fishing skills. Jump start your Florida fishing with pointers on casting, knot tying, leader size/type, hook size, best bait & hooking the bait, understanding the various species and how they bite, choosing a fishing location.


Navigating the Heart of Adventure

At Skyway Seafaris, we're more than just a charter company; we're your gateway to unforgettable adventures and unparalleled experiences. Our passion for fishing, exploration, commitment to adventure, and deep respect for the environment drive us to deliver exceptional journeys that leave a lasting impression.


Where will we depart from?

I will pick you up at your scheduled time at the Tropic Isles Marina - 509 Marina Dr, Palmetto, FL 34221. You can grab snacks and any last minute needs in the marina shop. This will also be where we end the day.

What should I wear and bring for the boat tour?

We recommend wearing comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing. Layers are a good idea, as temperatures can change on the water. Don't forget sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat for sun protection. Flat, closed-toe shoes with non-slip soles are essential for safety. Bring snacks, drinks & food (Capt. only provides drinking water).

Additionally, bring your camera or smartphone to capture the incredible sights, and if you're prone to motion sickness, consider taking a preventative remedy before boarding.

Is the boat tour suitable for children and families?

Absolutely! Our boat holds up to 4 people and are designed to be family-friendly and enjoyable for all ages. We offer a range of experiences suitable for kids and adults alike. Our knowledgeable guides provide engaging and educational commentary that can captivate young minds, and our boats are equipped with safety features to ensure a secure and comfortable journey for everyone. Whether you're a family of nature enthusiasts or just looking for a fun day out, we welcome families aboard with open arms.

Is there a toilet on the boat?

No, unfortunately not. You will be one with the see or please bring diapers :)

Do we need to bring our own equipment or bait?

No, we will provide equipment, bait and lures. If you would like to bring your own equipment and lures, feel free to do so.

Can we keep the fish we catch?

Yes, Fish of legal size in season can be kept. They will be cleaned by the captain.

Will we be fishing in the bay or the gulf?

 - 4 hour charters are always in the bay, (Normally between Port Manatee and Bean Point)

- 6 and 8 hour charters can be in the bay OR in the gulf up to 7 NM, weather permitting.

¾ and full day Charters can be converted to half day charters if the weather is bad.

What type of fish can we catch?

In Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, the types of fish you can catch vary throughout the year. Here's a general list of common inshore and nearshore species and when they are often caught:

Inshore Fishing in Tampa Bay:

1. Snook: Best Months: Spring, Summer, and Fall.

2. Redfish (Red Drum): Best Months: Year-round, but particularly good in Fall.

3. Trout (Speckled Sea Trout): Best Months: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

4. Flounder: Best Months: Fall.

5. Sheepshead: Best Months: Winter.

6. Mangrove Snapper: Best Months: Summer.

7. Black Drum: Best Months: Winter.

8. Spanish Mackerel: Best Months: Spring and Fall.

Nearshore Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico:

1. Tarpon: Best Months: Late Spring to Early Fall.

2. Kingfish (King Mackerel): Best Months: Spring and Fall.

3. Cobia: Best Months: Spring.

4. Grouper (Various Species): Best Months: Spring and Fall.

5. Snapper (Various Species): Best Months: Year-round, with some species more prevalent in summer.

6. Sharks: Best Months: Spring to Fall.

7. Amberjack: Best Months: Spring and Fall.

8. Barracuda: Best Months: Summer.

Please note that fishing conditions can vary, and this is a general guide. It's always a good idea to check with local fishing reports and guides for the most current information.

Will Captain Russell bait my hook?

Capt. Russell will bait your hooks, cast for you if you prefer, remove the fish and provide guidance.

What safety equipment is on board in case of emergency??

The boat has all the required safety gear required by the Coast Guard. The boat also has a VHF radio, EBIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) and belongs to BoatUS tow services.  

What Our Guests Have to Say

A true Safari on the Sea! It was awesome to spend a day with Captain Russell. He was a wealth of knowledge, got me on an awesome gag grouper, plenty of sea trout and a few redfish to boot. We highly recommend this adventure.

Devin H.

The S. African accent instantly made it feel like we were on a true Seafari. Had an amazing day and got to see Manatees, Dolphin, and even caught a glimpse of a Bald Eagle. Beyond fishing it was a beautiful environment and a unique view of Tampa Bay's Beauty.

Jen M.

Fishing with Captain Russell of Skyway Seafaris was an absolute blast! His knowledge of the best fishing spots in Tampa Bay ensured we had non-stop action reeling in big catches. Thanks to Captain Russell, it was a day filled with excitement and unforgettable memories!

Alyssa C.

My family and I had an incredible time touring Tampa Bay with Captain Russell. His passion for the area's wildlife was evident throughout the trip. We were amazed by the variety of fish we caught during our inshore fishing adventure, and Captain Russell's expertise made it all the more enjoyable.

Bruce M.

From spotting manatees frolicking nearby, to spotting dolphins feeding, to witnessing a stunning sunset over the bay, every moment was magical. Highly recommend Skyway Seafaris for an unforgettable experience on Tampa Bay!

Starr P.

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